What We Do


Keeping your medical treatments in check.

Dr. Simon has the knowledge necessary for important medical management for life-changing prescriptions used to treat even the most debilitating Rheumatologic diseases.


Joint Injections

Increasing your ability to live your life.

We also specialize in performing steroid joint injections for fast and effective pain relief.

IV Infusion Therapy

Providing treatment you need for quick results.

We provide in-office infusions of IV immunosuppressive therapies used to treat various Rheumatologic diseases.


Telemedicine/Video Visits

A new revolution for your doctor interactions.

Visit your doctor through the web for a convenient experience. Video visits are great for the following type of appointments and more:

  • Refilling prescriptions and adjusting medications
  • Reviewing lab and imaging results with your doctor
  • Discussing necessary specialist referrals
  • Receiving continued care for chronic conditions
  • And much more

Personalized Care for Optimal Health